Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WotR Day 6- trolls and oliphaunts

Progress continues, a bit slower today because I had other things to do. But I forced myself (this blog helps) and pushed on.

First, however, terminology housekeeping. From now on, when I say 'dip' or 'dipped' or 'dipping' etc, what I will mean is 'brushed-on wood stain'.  That just saves me from having to use too many words!

I should note at this point that I'm very glad I took the time to stick sand to the bases- it looks good and was worth the effort.

Today: Trolls and Oliphaunts as promised (Mumaks? Mumakil? How do I put accents on letters here anyway?) Only six of each, and since I'd already done a trial I only had to do ten minis today.

I painted the troll with GI Green, Gunmetal, my dark grey, Unbleached Cloth, and a quick eye-of-Sauron in Roman Red on the pauldron. I painted the eyes in red, but it couldn't be seen beneath the dip, so I repainted it after the dip had dried. This Chocolate Brown dip is liberally sloshed on.

Troll before and after Cabot's Dark Chocolate dip
The Mumak is painted in Confederate Grey, Roman Red, Gold, and Unbleached Cloth, with black to the eye. I didn't realise there was a little mahout until I started painting! I like the gold/ red/ black thing the Easterlings have going, I must remember to use it elsewhere. I also like how the gold turns out with the walnut dip, I'll see if I can get some gold on the dwarves or elves.

Mumak before and after Cabot's Walnut dip
No group shot today; the dip is drying as I type. But I've now done 72 minis (bar dullcote and basing)! Tomorrow I'm going to smash into Isengard.

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