Tuesday, 17 April 2012

WotR- Day 5, back on the job

After I had to quickly paint up that 15mm Russkie, I girded my loins and got back to My WotR Challenge.

I painted the Orcs' belts with Roman Red to get a splash of colour, and brushed on the 'Dark Chocolate' stain. I slightly thinned it from the previous trial, where I had heavily sloshed it about. When the dip dried, I dotted in their eyes with Roman Red. I'm satisfied with the result:

Painted and dipped orcs.
The Orcs at the front have been hit with Testors Dullcote. Note my original trial darker-dipped orc with the red base in the second row. I'm looking at painting the bases in faction colours based on the board as shown. I'm also looking into my options for flocking or static grass.

After the disappointing effect of the Dark Chocolate stain on the Elf, I did some soul-searching. I went back to the hardware store and got a tin of 'Walnut' pre-mixed stain. It's a warmer brown without the black.

Cabot's Stains- 'Walnut' circled
I painted a trial Easterling with Roman Red, Tobruk Brown (for the skin), Black, and Gold. After the photo below I painted a very simple 'S' serpent glyph on his shield. I was satisfied with a trial of the Walnut stain and painted and stained the rest of his fellows.

Trial before dip
Trial before dip
Painted and dipped Easterlings
So far, so good. I have now painted the two largest batches of single-pose miniatures. I think I'll do the Trolls and Oliphaunts next to get these factions completed. I'm still leery of going near the characters or lighter-toned paintjobs. I'll have a massive Dullcote Session at project completion.

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