Friday, 18 May 2018

Blood Bowl- Blue Dragon Cup 2018

I found myself in Sydney last week, and was pleasantly surprised to find there was a Blood Bowl tournament on in the heart of the CBD- the 2018 Blue Dragon Cup.

Details: One day, resurrection, 115kgp, 4 games.

At short notice, I was able to borrow a team from my old friend Vimes, his Japan-themed Bretonnians. I called them 'The Knights who say Nippon'*. I took four Knights, four Yeomen, and four Peasants with three rerolls.

Game 1- Vimes' Khorne

My first match was against Vimes himself, who was playing his 26th different team- a challenge I hope to meet myself soon. The Khorne Flakes beat me 2-1 and also 2-0 casualties.
Knights blunt the Flakes' offense

Game 2- Cullen's Dark Elves

I beat Cullen last year and this time he exacted his revenge. I couldn't get anything right against his  drow, and lost 3-0.
Knights push on the right wide zone

Game 3- Peakie's Nurgle

This was a great game against Peakie's Nurgle team, The Things That Should Not Be. He'd borrowed his team from Vimes as well. It was a real tussle, which I won 1-0. We both had great fun.
TTTSNB block the Knights' attack 

Game 4- James' Dwarves

This was a beautifully painted Dwarf team, the Kazak-a-Karak Krakens. I was one touchdown up at the end of the first half, but I had suffered badly with casualties and struggled to stay in the game in the second half. I was lucky to hold him off to a 1-1 draw, despite losing the casualties 6-1.
Knights smash into the Krakens' line

Overall, I came 7th of 12- better than I had anticipated. It was a great way to spend a damp Saturday, playing games and seeing old friends.

* And I was very chuffed to come up with this on the spot.


  1. Well done. The team looks like it needs a few touch up's applied here and there.

  2. "The Khorne Flakes" made my day. But the Knights who say Nippon is almost as good, especially since you came up with it on the spot.

    1. I do enjoy puntastic names for BB teams.