Friday, 25 May 2018

Conan- In the clutches of the Picts

I finally got to play Conan with friends. This is a scenario-driven cinematic romp where the goodies have a character each and the Overlord runs all the big bad guys and their minions. You have a pool of fatigue crystals you can allocate to actions to make them more powerful, but then you're more likely to become exhausted and at the mercy of the evil ones...

Conan and his buddies Hadrathus (warlock) and Shevatas (agile thief, played by yours truly) have tracked a kidnapped princess to a Pictish village. To win, we had to break into the village, find which hut the princess was in, kill the Pict shaman, and get out with the princess and the shaman's head. Piece of cake.

Conan charged into the village, smashing through the wall of the first hut, where, to his delight, he found the princess- but she was guarded by a gigantic snake!
Hello, princess, hello, snake!
 Shevatas snuck into the shaman's hut and 'liberated' a gigantic crossbow.
Shevatas (bottom right) uses the confusion to his material advantage.
Shevatas emerged from the hut and shot and killed the shaman with his own crossbow. Meanwhile, Conan and the snake continued their deadly dance.
"Take that, evildoer!"
 With time slipping away, Conan finally overcame the snake and barged out of the hut...
Conan finally slays the snake, by Crom!
 ... but became swarmed by Picts who took advantage of the grievous wounds the snake had already inflicted. Conan falls at their savage feet.
Picts smash Conan real good, hur hur.
Hadrathus called down an epic lightning bolt onto the picts, leaving them smoking corpses and the princess conveniently unharmed. To ensure escape, Shevatas dropped all his equipment, scooped up the princess, and bolted out of the village to victory!

I was worried when we found the princess very early that this would be a walkover. However, we quickly became fatigued and struggled to make it. I was lucky to find the powerful crossbow, which really helped. The giant snake was very tough and really sucked up a lot of Conan's actions. It truly came down to a few key dice rolls at the very end of the game as we won, but had to leave Conan's body and all our equipment behind!

It was good fun, and bodes well for the Batman game I've crowdfunded which is the same company with the same mechanics.



  1. Looks like jolly good fun....but Conan dead? Surely not!

    1. Pining for the fjords.

      Conan will return!

  2. We had fun with this scenario. Epic silliness.

  3. I am ashamed to admit my pledge is still hiding in the wardrobe of shame, but reading this it sounds as if I really should give it a go.

    1. It is an intimidating number of figures. I'd heard a lot of talk about how much fun it is- I wasn't disappointed.

  4. I’ve only heard good things about this game, glad to hear that they were largely correct!

  5. Nice report dude. The figures look rather good.

    1. I think I had a minor stroke because they were unpainted... but I’m better now.