Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cars, ships, and unspeakable nightmares

Had a great evening's gaming- DC introduced me to 'Uncharted Seas', where his Bone Griffons and their zombie whales just beat my fleet of Dragon Lords. We got a lot of rules wrong, but I'll happily play with DC's well-painted ships again- and I saw the 'Dreadfleet' components- lovely ships, measuring sticks, and islands- not to mention the high quality sea mat!
Not much later there were three ships left in total...

Then Shannon joined us for 'Mansions of Madness' (see my painted figures here)- Professor Harvey Walters and private eye Joe Diamond investigate my sinister cult. They fought off hordes of cultists, only to discover the horrible truth that the cultists were raising a terrible monster. In a race against time, they failed to prevent the creature being summoned and tried to fight it- Joe Diamond went down, but Professor Walters used an arcane spell to destroy the beast and win the game- but at the same time went insane! Totally Lovecraft!
Game over as the monster falls and the professor loses his mind...
Finally, the three of us played a game of 'Formula De'- I'll be keeping an eye out for this myself as it was a great fun game. DC won that game as well- three wins for him tonight, the dice gods were smiling...


  1. Nice looking games. Especially the uncharted seas board.