Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kneecappers, & Jokerbowl 2012

I went to the Jokerbowl Blood Bowl tournament yesterday, at Tin Soldier Penrith. I'm trying to complete the nerd-challenge of playing every Blood Bowl team at an official tourney- I'm up to 9/24 now! Maybe by 2020, if I squeeze in two tourneys a year?

The Kneecappers were my first Blood Bowl team, when 3rd Ed came out in 1994. They've gone through a few paintjobs over the years- and I didn't strip them inbetween, so the details are somewhat poorly defined! Needless to say, I'd do them differently now (oy, the gloss...). The tankards are from metal tubing. The Blitzer has a transparent bottle from a 1/35 diorama accessory kit which I inked brown.
Troll Slayers



Long Beards

It's been a long time since they've been played with. To celebrate their dusting-off, I painted this figure (from Four A Miniatures) which makes a great cheerleader/ Bloodweiser Babe/ reroll marker. The kegs are from Impact! Miniatures.

Jokerbowl was great fun- good to catch up with old mates and roll dice again. I came fifth out of sixteen overall, with two wins, a draw, and a loss. Memorable moments include:
  • Turning Ephraim's sole Dark Elf runner into a frog
  • Meticulously advancing against Grumpsh's Dwarves, then failing a 2+ to score and being subsequently taken apart
  • Ripping into Nick's beautifully painted Necromantic team, even though they kept regenerating
  • Having a lacklustre first half against Vimes' Halflings, but then clearing the pitch of all but his treemen
My roster was two Troll Slayers with Mighty Blow, two Runners with Block, two Blitzers, five Long Beards (one with Guard), one Reroll.  I just realised that I underspent on my roster- I had an extra 10k in the bank I never used! An extra assistant coach or cheerleader would have been nice... In hindsight, Block on the Runners was excellent, but the two Troll Slayers with Mighty Blow generally underperformed. The Long Beard with Guard was useful.


  1. They look great. Blood bowl is something i've never played or got into sadly yet i've always admired the figures for it.

    1. It's a great game. You don't need many figures and the fan support results in a really balanced game.

  2. Howdy, BArks. Hey, check out my new post...I've Liebsterized you! Congratulations!