Saturday, 3 November 2012

It's hobbit month!

November is 'Hobbit month' on the One Ring, and I'm going to try and put a big dent into my unpainted lead pile. Well, a big hobbit-sized dent.

I picked up a batch of GW hobbits at a bring-and-buy a few years back, and they've been sitting around taunting me since then. I've got sixteen militia, four shirriffs, twelve archers, a hornblower, Paladin Took, Bullroarer Took (foot and mounted), Fatty Bolger, and Farmer Maggot. Thirty-eight figures.

I'm conflicted about painting my old slow way, or experimenting further with the dip. I still don't feel confident in getting consistent results, but I'll need to paint at an unattainable speed otherwise. The first few days of this project are likely to be prep days- I hate prepping figures.

I also made a hobbit hole a while back which needs patching up, and two more holes I previously started but never finished. Hopefully I can complete them as well.


  1. wow!!!!!!!!
    very interesting project!!
    but Hobbits are peaceful people: what could they fight in their lovely Shire?
    And you don't have their great heroes?
    (Frodo, SAM, Pippin, Merry )

    1. They'll be fighting off evil forces that want the shire for themselves... and I've already painted those four- I'll post pics later this month.

  2. Cool, my interest in LOTR is resurfacing with the hobbit coming out soon. Those Hobbit holes look brilliant get them done!

    1. Thanks; the minis are going to be the priority but they will need somewhere to live eventually!