Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hobbit forming

I'm running out of hobbit puns. Here's a teaser of my archers and hornblower.

As an added birthday bonus, here's a tease for Bandobras Took and Fatty Bolger.

I've got about a week to go to complete the remaining six hobbits (and base all of them)- this is looking achievable.

GW just released a teaser video of terrain for their upcoming Hobbit game- I have to say it looks excellent. I've had plans for a while for Dwarves and Goblins battling it out over multi-level mining catwalks, and so this really floats my boat. No surprises what my next LotR project will be. Time to sell a kidney...


  1. Very good work! I love those figures and you did a perfect painting job on them ....
    I'm waiting too the new set (s) from GW, even if I'm scarred that the figures shall be the same than in the movie...

  2. I'm liking this a lot!