Saturday, 10 November 2012

Concerning hobbits I've painted

As part of my Hobbit Month, here are my previously painted hobbits.

First up we have the plastic 'Mines of Moria' hobbits. My clear favourite sculpt is Sam and his frying pan, with his backpack strewn with strings of sausages. I feel I've got his hair too blonde. Frodo looks like a drag queen with lipstick, and his eyes are too dark- I now leave them dark brown rather than black. His face lacks definition as well. Pippin and Merry are OK, but somewhat chalky. Looks like I gave them a final light drybrush?

These are my metal hobbits. The cloaks should be a variety of colours as they are pre-Lothlorien, but I painted them as elven cloaks in a grey-green shade.

Somewhere I acquired Merry and Pippin in armour, and I really like these guys. I considered building up a Gondor army just to go with Pippin so I'd have a use for him...

When I got Sam and Frodo in Mordor, I was really happy to paint them looking a little forlorn and weather-beaten. They've got a healthier complexion than their Moria selves, though! I thought about leaving the bases bare, but finally decided to add a few bits of grass to match my game boards (I had the same dilemma with Sauron, Isildur and Elendil).

More recently, I picked up Sam and Frodo in orc armour. Fun to paint, and if I field my orcs I'll be sure to stick them in there so that my opponent hesitates before killing them!

Finally, here's Frodo with the ring on. Or is it my Predator?


  1. Great work, Barks. Frodo looks good wearing the ring!

  2. Very good work with some of my favourites GW Hobbits! I live them!
    Sam and Frodo at Mount Doom are really beautiful: your painting work makes them very realistic and shows their dramatic sense...
    As orcs they are funny
    and Frodo with the ring at the finger makes me laugh!
    (Do you know that a figure exist REALLY ? something in transparent plastic!)
    The choice of colours of the capes is good for me: even if they don't have the Elven ones, I think that they looks nice. For Sam, I always choose a red/orange colour... because it's like that I imagine it!
    I follow your Hobbits works with interest!
    I hope that the movie will be interesting too, but not sure...

  3. They all look really good mate. I do like the Frodo/Sam in Orc armour they look great.

  4. Love the last one! Very nice work all round.

  5. Thanks guys, I did enjoy painting these little fellas.