Friday 28 February 2014

Afrika Korps... in Space!

The Titanium Dropship 15mm Science Fiction painting competition has a Squad category for 4-12 figures, which I entered with Eureka Miniature's Sci-Fi German Stormtroopers. I've got a few more of this range painted, and here they are:

WeltraumKommandoSoldaten with BolzenGewehr 40

Leutnant and Funker

Gunner with MBG40

88mm PanzerSchlag.

Scharfsch├╝tze and spotter

The gimballed sMBG40

Federation scientists think it's a sonic terror weapon...

...and you clearly need two big balls to use it.

I thought an 'Afrika Korps... In Space!' theme would be fun for these pulp villains. The main colours were Vallejo 70859 Green Brown and 70924 Russian Uniform. I liked doing the paint chipping on the armour, but I wince seeing the drybrushing in close-up.

I've called them the WeltraumKommandoSoldaten, using my pidgin German and Google Translate. Any better names, acronyms etc. gladly accepted, especially if they're punny!

I've got more ideas for these guys including some anti-grav vehicle conversions (LuftPanzers) and a fighter-bomber. The AFVs may take me a while. I also have plans for some HQ and supporting troops...

Tuesday 25 February 2014

15mm Sci-Fi German Stormtroopers (Eureka)

Coming from unexplored space, the interplanetary blitz took everyone by complete surprise. Rapid deep strikes outmanoeuvred the lumbering federation militaries. Armed with their terror weapons, the heavily armoured WeltraumKommandoSoldaten instil fear wherever their dropships arrive. Little is known of their origins because none of these fearsome warriors have ever been taken alive. Some think they were never alive at all...

These are Eureka Miniature's 'Sci-Fi German Stormtroopers', sculpted by Mike Broadbent. I'll put up pics of the rest of the range later this week.
[UPDATE: here they are!]

I painted these a while ago, and hadn't planned to put them on the blog yet, but then the inaugural Titanium Dropship competition was announced. I think this comp is a great idea to promote 15mm SF gaming. Check out the other entries here!
Titanium Dropship- A Dropship Horizon initiative.