Thursday 25 April 2024

Anzac Day 2024- WW1 digger

This figure is a companion piece to last year's Mike Broadbent sculpt from Slave 2 Gaming. I tried to replicate the paintjob. Here they are together:

Lest we forget.

Friday 19 April 2024

40K Lamenters Phobos Command

"Brother-Captain Dagnir, your mission was a complete success. Zero casualties. Your exfil transports are inbound."

"We found a lost toy! There may be a child in the city who needs us. We are not leaving until we save them."

Last transmission of Strike Force Dagnir 

I found a Phobos Captain and Lieutenant at a bring & buy in Brisbane last year. Demonstrating the slippery slope of gaming, I thought they would be fun to complement my Phobos Strike Team.

Captain in Phobos armour

I love this teddy bear on a skull from Imitation of Life. Captain Dagnir is clearly going to ignore all other considerations until one child is saved. I like to think of his long-suffering servo-skull rolling its eyes (if it had any).

Lieutenant Gorthol is also clad in Phobos light power armour.
Lieutenant in Phobos armour
I freehanded the chapter icon.

Skull-o-meter™: 20

Friday 12 April 2024

Kill Team: Phobos Strike Team

Lamenters Phobos Strike Team

These are my Lamenters Phobos Strike Team. There are a mix of Infiltrators and Incursors and bespoke specialists for KT2021. Let's have a look at the jargon:
  • Lamenters are the overall Chapter; the yellow with chequers and bleeding heart icon
  • Phobos is a 'new' type of Space Marine armour. It is lighter, for sneaky behind-the-lines missions. It is a bit more tacticool with lots of antennae and scopes and pouches and grenades, only one full-sized pauldron, and absence of the flared greaves.
  • Kill Team (KT2021) is a GW game of elite squad vs elite squad. I could choose a Kill Team of six Phobos Strike Team marines for a mission.
  • Infiltrators are behind-the-lines specialists with omni-scramblers that disrupt enemy deployment. They have the tactical arrow on their right shoulder and antenna on their backpacks.
  • Incursors are raiders with specialised sensory arrays and sights. They have assault arrows on their right shoulder, visor facemasks, and boxy sights on their bolters and backpacks. 
  • 'Bespoke specialists' are individual models with unique parts to represent roles within a Kill Team- marksman, comms, demolition, medic, etc.
With that out of the way, here are my canary yellow 7' sneaky boys. The miniatures are precisely sculpted, with nice posing just veering into the too-busy side of things. I slowed down dramatically at the end of the painting process with all the details, lights, buttons, lenses etc. I haven't done any armour highlights or clean-up- it is yellow with the recesses in brown. I could do them neater, but the reality of my backlog is crushing. I still have to add some markings to their left knees, but can't find my decals after a well-intentioned frenzied tidying-up session. The chequered pauldrons are 3D prints from Mallistone Foundries- very nice to paint. I also used some 3D prints from Imitation of Life on the 32mm bases. I used low-vis markings on the right shoulders, because they're sneaky.

The Infiltrator Veteran has a grizzled beard and a big purity seal. He's waving a knife;  I'd have preferred a pistol but didn't have any to hand. His bolt carbine has taped mags.

Infiltrator Veteran
Infiltrator Veteran with taped mags.

The Minelayer is an Incursor with Haywire Mines. This is a single-use weapon, but I had spares to make tokens on 25mm Renedra bases, and to add one to his butt armour.

Incursor Minelayer with Haywire Mines.
Incursor Minelayer with Haywire Mines.
Does this make my butt look big?

The Saboteur is an Infiltrator with a similar ability to the Minelayer. He's got a Big Red Button in his left hand.

Infiltrator Saboteur

The Helix Adept is the Infiltrator medic. I added an ECG trace to his Helix Gauntlet, and freehanded a few helices on his kneepad and backpack; I will replace those with decals when I can.

Infiltrator Helix Adept.
Infiltrator Helix Adept reaching for his first aid kit.

The Voxbreaker is an Infiltrator with a scanner that reduces an enemy's ability to hide and reroll dice.

Infiltrator Voxbreaker.

Infiltrator Voxbreaker- auspex scanner detail.
The Commsman is an Infiltrator who can use his comms array to hand out extra actions to other Strike Team members.

Infiltrator Commsman.

Infiltrator Commsman detail.
The Marksman is an Incursor with stronger shooting abilities.

Incursor Marksman.

I don't like the Marksman's pose, so I made another Incursor with a shooting stance.

I don't always like modelled-on smoke/ flash/ spell effects, but I do like the smoke coming from this Infiltrator's grenade.


There are more Phobos marines in my pile of potential- some for Kill Team, some not. Some day I may even play a game of KT2021.

Skull-o-meter™: 24