Friday 25 March 2022

Five Parsecs. Campaign Game 8. Payback

The door slid open, and Lady Heldycryn collapses through it, her face bruised and masked with blood. As the shocked crew rush to her aid, she croaks out one word:


The crew tool up and rush out to the old camp near where the squat mercenaries were believed to be...

The crew try to take the Squats in a pincer from the right

There are only two mercenaries as a rearguard

Julio and Chugger slip through the ruins

The Squats hit Konrad but he is saved by his armour

Chugger wounds a Squat, whose mercenary
comrade drags him off into the dusk.

An small and unsatisfying firefight for the crew. They are getting a bad reputation and their guilder contact cuts ties with Marbec. Several gangs and groups are building up the confidence to take them on. Hezel, meanwhile, is able to repair an autogun for herself, and strikes up a quiet friendship with Chugger as the ogryn worries over Lady Heldycryn's sickbed.