Friday 29 November 2019

Happy Blogday!

Happy 8th Blogday! I read that internet years are like dog years, so WwB is overdue a mid-life crisis. This is my 399th post.

This Blogday review is brought to you by the colour Batman.

Last year, I pre-ordered the Batman: Gotham City Chronicles extravaganza. I cleared the decks before it arrived in May, so was able to dive into a busy painting schedule and got it all done. Yay me!

I quite enjoyed the research for this project.

I also had fun painting my15mm poilus and tanks for WW1.

The other bigger project this year was Pinkstone Fortress, which has produced some fun battle reports.

I've just returned from Japan, so the blog went quiet for a few weeks. I saw Tokugawa Ieyasu's shrine, which has a carving of boardgamers on the gateway:

I also visited the Tokyo-Edo museum, which has some stunning 1:30 dioramas.

What does the next year hold?

  • More terrain
  • More Batman
  • More Blackstone Fortress
  • A return to Lord of the Rings
  • Dabbling in 3D printing
  • Samurai?

I'm looking forwards to AHPC X and CanCon! It was an honour to be a minion for AHPC IX.