Friday 28 July 2023

Necromunda Ash Wastes Nomads

It took me longer than expected to paint these chaps from Necromunda earlier this year. There's a lot of details and shades of sandy brown. I was looking for inspiration from Fremen, Tusken Raiders, mujahideen, Arab Revolt, etc. They've got these banners let them do that ambush-from-the-sand trick. They've got apparatus to protect from the elements and conserve water.


Rocket launcher and spotter

Long Rifles


Skull-o-meter™: 0!

Friday 21 July 2023

Batwoman & Red Hood vs Killer Moth & Firefly!


Killer Moth

Killer Moth and Firefly plot to release a deadly gas weapon- Batwoman and Red Hood team up to thwart their fiendish plan!


Red Hood

Batwoman and Red Hood enter the alley
to find the chemical formula.

Red Hood KOs a thug and gets part of the solution.

Batwoman leaps onto a truck and lets fly her batarangs. 

Red Hood sprints down the alley to get the rest of the formula

Firefly swoops and Batwoman defeats him on top of the truck!

With his gasmask on, Red Hood enters the laboratory
and synthesises the antidote.

The heroes race to climb up the fire escape.

Red Hood tries to distribute the antidote into the air vent.

Killer Moth's thugs gun Red Hood down,
but Batwoman releases the antidote and saves Gotham.

I had another fun game of Gotham City Chronicles. Appreciating how tight the scenarios are will help you prevail- there's no room for getting distracted! Our heroes just prevailed in the nick of time!