Thursday 25 October 2012

Space Pals

I had way too much fun painting these 'Space Pals' from Highlander. I think the 'Space Pals and Nemesis' set was renamed 'Bounty Hunter, Sasquatch, and Smuggler', and the other set is 'Kendo Masters and Student'. (edit: should that be master and students?) These guys painted up nice and quick- an advantage of 15mm.

This was my first attempt at OSL, and I'm reasonably happy. I was inspired by dis- check out his great blog! The droid is from GZG's Workbots pack, with the top shaved down.

Coincidentally, this week I also received a set of X-Wing ships for the game which is the new hotness- this pic via BoardGameGeek is too good not to share:

 Pew pew!

Sunday 21 October 2012

Apache vs Hokum!

I'm desperately trying to get through my pile of unpainted purchases from this year so that I end up in the black on my ledger of painted vs unpainted. I'm down to 43 to go now.

Here's what I finished off today, inspired to get some funky support for my Russians: a Ka-50 Hokum A.

I found some red stars from a 20-year-old 1/72 Mig-29 kit- they're a little big on the tail. Because they're so old, they cracked and split during application.

I couldn't be bothered to panel-line the underside or scratchbuild the front undercarriage. You can see here the excellent, if bulky, magnetic telescoping rod from CorSec Engineering. (Their new version is less bulky).

This helicopter was the Revell Easykit. It's snap together and pre-painted, so I glued and painted it. Perfectly, it is 1:100.
Prepainted components
It's projects like this that make me think of getting an airbrush, but then I think I can do without it, but wouldn't it be easier with one, but I don't need it to get tabletop-ready results, etc...

As a bonus, I thought this would be a good opportunity to put up pics of my 1:100 Apache Longbow, also a Revell Easykit. I have a pre-painting picture here:

I didn't put any markings on- that way it can be US, UK, Dutch, etc.

Together at last...

Saturday 13 October 2012

Modern Russians

They're back! (See the unpainted versions here.)

Eureka's 15mm modern Russian Federal troops. I have yet to paint the versions wearing the Sphera helmet and the Maska version.

I went for a version of Flora camouflage. I used Vallejo 70879 Green Brown, 984 Flat Brown, and 894 Russian Green.

'Who lost a helmet cover?'

I stuck a bush onto support weapon bases to aid with visual identification on the tabletop.

Spotter (from AGL set) and officer
AK74 with GP-30 grenade launcher
Dragunov SVD
PK machine gun
2B14-1 Podnos 82mm mortar
12.7mm Kord HMG on 6T7 tripod
AGS-17 Plamya 30mm AGL on 6T7 tripod

Lovely figures, and a great range. I'd like to see some RPK LMGs, though, and some more leader figures. I hate seeing the close-ups as it makes the drybrushing look crude and nasty. Now I need some transport- I'm thinking Skytrex.

Sunday 7 October 2012

The truth is out there...

These are great 15mm minis from The Scene. I need some greys and some Chevy Suburbans...
Nothing to see here
Special Agents Sculder and Mully
And yes, I did try to paint 'FBI' on the badge...

Thursday 4 October 2012

QRF Deep Space Colonists

I'll just say that the quality of this old set is not up to more recent competitors' efforts.

I like the concept of the mother and baby, and the not-Ripley/ Newt is the reason I got this set. The baseball bat figures are going to be useful for civilians in a variety of games.

These figures make good zombies... In hindsight, I think that one of them has a chestburster in flagrante. The other one's right arm was just about falling off at the elbow, which is a bizarre moulding failure given the position.

The set also came with six facehuggers; I gave them a very pale green colour to make them stand out more from the sandy basing. I based them on 15mm washers (I usually use 20mm). Here they are with Khurasan Space Demons and an Exterminator.

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