Sunday, 21 October 2012

Apache vs Hokum!

I'm desperately trying to get through my pile of unpainted purchases from this year so that I end up in the black on my ledger of painted vs unpainted. I'm down to 43 to go now.

Here's what I finished off today, inspired to get some funky support for my Russians: a Ka-50 Hokum A.

I found some red stars from a 20-year-old 1/72 Mig-29 kit- they're a little big on the tail. Because they're so old, they cracked and split during application.

I couldn't be bothered to panel-line the underside or scratchbuild the front undercarriage. You can see here the excellent, if bulky, magnetic telescoping rod from CorSec Engineering. (Their new version is less bulky).

This helicopter was the Revell Easykit. It's snap together and pre-painted, so I glued and painted it. Perfectly, it is 1:100.
Prepainted components
It's projects like this that make me think of getting an airbrush, but then I think I can do without it, but wouldn't it be easier with one, but I don't need it to get tabletop-ready results, etc...

As a bonus, I thought this would be a good opportunity to put up pics of my 1:100 Apache Longbow, also a Revell Easykit. I have a pre-painting picture here:

I didn't put any markings on- that way it can be US, UK, Dutch, etc.

Together at last...


  1. Nice kits and I really like the magnetic flight stands as well

  2. Lots of archaeological digs in the "model pile" will turn up hidden treasures. Then hard work...and voila!...lovely models. Also, IMO, an airbrush is a very handy tool to have around after a pile-dig.