Friday 22 February 2019

Gaslands Death Race report!

I had my first Gaslands race last weekend! My opponent, Gorillamo, provided the cars and 4'x4' Deep-Cut Studio mat.

Gorillamo: Rudolph the Dead Nose Reindeer (Monster Truck) and two Buggies.

Barks: The Green Machine- Two cars and a Pickup.

"Reluctantly crouched at the starting line..."
They're off! Jostling for position approaching the first gate.
The buggy is first through, but looks to be going too fast...
Rudolph crushes a Green Machine car
The buggy wipes out while the other car tries to cut Rudolph off...
... but is shunted sideways through the next gate...
...exposing him to a devastating ram from the second buggy,
 exploding and destroying his two opponents!
As the sole survivor, the grey pickup was the winner!

I really enjoyed myself in this very inspiring and evocative setting. The focus is on fun and cinematic driving. It is somewhat procedural, but this allows complex physics to be portrayed. I'm very keen to get a few teams of my own going.

I provided the gates (from Knights of Dice) and the scatter terrain. The digital effects are from the LensFX iOS app, and the physical dust clouds are from Battlefront.
Knights of Dice gate