Friday 21 August 2015

Blood Bowl Chaos Minotaur

There have been a few too many Star Wars posts recently, so here's part of the Chaos Blood Bowl team I'm very slowly completing (Star Player Leader, Star Player Thrower).
Blood Bowl Chaos Minotaur from Willy Miniatures
"What yoo lookin' at?"

This is a Willy Miniatures Minotaur. I greenstuffed the gem on the belt. There are casting deficiencies under the number plate and on the bottom of the the left pauldron, but I'll chalk that up to battle damage.

Note the casting deficiencies

Overall, a very imposing sculpt. At this rate, still a while to go before the rest of the team gets done!

In other news, don't leave your Blogger open when immature people are around... 'nuff said!