Friday 27 December 2019

Spanish Inquisition

In the early years of the 16th Century, to combat the rising tide of religious unorthodoxy, the Pope gave Cardinal Ximinez of Spain leave to move without let or hindrance throughout the land, in a reign of violence, terror and torture that makes a smashing film. This was the Spanish Inquisition...

Monty Python’s Flying Circus S2E2 (1970)

These figures are from Hungry Troll, but I cannot find them on their website. My recipe for red here is:

  1. Vallejo Scarlet Red spray
  2. Wash with 3:1 VGC 73.206 Red Shade: Army Painter Strong Tone
  3. Black lining
  4. Highlight with AP Pure Red and VMC 70.909 Vermillion
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday 20 December 2019

40K Slaanesh cultists

These have been floating about for a while, and I decided to polish them off before AHPC X begins. There's a fair amount of detail, and being ragged militia types, I couldn't paint two the same, so they took a bit of effort. But now they're ready for Kill Team, Necromunda, whatever.

Slaanesh cultists



Cultists with Heavy Flamer and Heavy Stubber

Cultists with Autoguns

Cultists with Autopistols and Melee Weapons
Skull-o-meter™: 1 ?!!?!

Friday 6 December 2019

Journeys in Middle-Earth: 3D printed scenery

Journeys in Middle-Earth has two scenario types- a journey, or a battle. Battles are small skirmishes played on an interesting area grid, with cardboard tokens used for scenery which has in-game effects- shrubs and rocks provide cover, statues can be toppled for damage, etc. Cardboard tokens are a poor  substitute for 3D scenery, and I decided to fire up my 3D printer.

Wait, what, a 3D printer?

Yes- I invested in a small cheap-ish one a year ago and have been dabbling with it for a little while. I decided to push it a bit further than I had previously, and plunged into the addictive world of 3D printed terrain.

The technical details, for those who want to know:

  • XYZPrinting Da Vinci Jr Pro 1.0
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 3DFillies Black PLA
  • 0.2mm layers
  • 10% infill
  • 200℃
I've printed some statues, firepits, walls, barrels and tables. I have enhanced the scenery with basing, paint, flock, etc. The Skirt Swisher helped me paint the walls with drybrushing in the Dwarven Forge style.

The portcullis gate opens and closes!

Some of these were free, some designs I bought:

I'm very happy with the appearance- a small table like this is a perfect attainable starting point for a 3D printer project. I'm very much a beginner!