Friday 25 February 2022

Space Cowboys

I kitbashed the new-ish plastic gunfighters from Great Escape Games with some spare 40K weapons I had lying around:

I'm happiest with the cigar-chomping gunner, who has a backpack on as well. The others lack a je ne sais quois. I think they aren't quite grimdark sci-fi enough. They need a bit more greebling, and could probably lose the hats. I do have another five to fiddle with.

I do love the idea of the space western, and will continue in this realm. Here are some 3D prints from Anvil Industry:

They are a smidgen more sci-fi, and I should print some more.

Friday 18 February 2022

Five Parsecs. Campaign Game 7. Vigilante posse

Marbic receives a job offer from a guilder patron on Hydresar X. The crew have to ‘deliver a package’ and they will receive a generous reward.

Lady Heldycryn tours the town and meets Venda Hezel, a downhiver with a knack for tech. The crew has been suffering with poorly maintained weapons, and Lady H thinks she will be a useful asset. Marbic begrudgingly agrees, but it will eat into his profits… He decides to accept the job offer and get Hezel to ‘deliver the package’.

 Newcomer Venda Hezel. Will she earn a spot on the crew?

However, someone is opposed to the crew’s mission. A bounty hunter is after them and has raised a vigilante posse!

The central storage tank is the crew’s target

Roma, Lady H and Julio take one flank

The rest of the crew take the other.

Here comes the vigilantes!

They rush the centre

Hezel runs toward the tank as Chugger puts down suppressing fire

But she goes down!

The Bounty Man charges ahead of his heavy weapons

Roma comes under heavy fire

She prays to the Emperor as shots fly past her

The vigilantes run into a murderous crossfire,
and a frag grenade finishes them off.

Julio picks up the dropped meltabombs and ‘delivers’ them to the storage tank. Hezel is lightly wounded but will pull through. The guild contact is satisfied and the crew get a generous ten credit payday. They drink together and tell stories, but Roma has found religion and now will talk of nothing else.

Back in the desert, a mutant rat sniffs at the Bounty Man. He’s not dead!

The Bounty Hunter is a super-fun sculpt from Imitation of Life. I couldn’t bear to see him dead, so he will return in the future.

Our rookie, Hezel, is from Tagged Events. Her arms didn’t print properly so I added some from the bits box.

Friday 4 February 2022


Just a quick one today. I improved the biodiversity of my battlefields with some cacti from two sources. The first was Pegasus Hobbies. I picked up two sets on special, and mounted them on 40mm MDF. Some basing, a quick overspray in green and sand, and done. I was pretty happy with them.

Pegasus Hobbies cacti

The second batch are resin 3D prints from Vae Victis, painted and based the same. These are stylistically a bit chunkier than the Pegasus ones, but you don't really notice. You can scale them up and down to add as much variety as you want. I'm a big fan.

Vae Victis cacti.
The skull is from Great Escape Games.

They're all on 40mm MDF bases. I have thoughts of doing sabot area bases. I'm also recalling the classic 40K styrofoam balls with red cocktail sticks... 

Cacti patches side by side.