Friday 27 January 2017

Battle at Balin's tomb

My gaming amigo Gorillamo casually mentioned he wanted to try Lord of the Rings. Before he could change his mind, I pulled out some old figures and scenery, refreshed myself on the rules basics, and set up the rulebook scenario: the Fellowship has to kill the cave troll, and the goblins have to take out Frodo.
The Fellowship brace themselves

Here they come!

Holding the door

Archers sneak in a back entrance

They have a cave troll!
Samwise gets shafted

Bring it down!
 It was fairly one-sided win for the Fellowship- saying that, Samwise did get taken out by a concerted volley. It was good to dust off an old favorite.

The figures are all the plastic ones from GW's 'Mines of Moria' starter set, which got me into the LotR game when it came out. The real hero here is the terrain- this is the Dwarf Kingdom from Ziterdes. I picked this up for a bargain at a convention many years ago, with the intent of tarting it up even more, but haven't got around to it yet! I think you'll agree it is stunning.

Friday 20 January 2017

Star Wars Rebellion- the rebels

I finished painting Star Wars: Rebellion- here are the Rebels!
Rebel Troopers


Ion Cannons and Shield Generators






Here's the whole collection- the Rebels are significantly outnumbered and outgunned by the Empire.
Star Wars: Rebellion
I have played two games with my freshly painted troops- both times as the Rebels. I lost one and won one. Here's a couple of in-game shots:
Board at set-up

Luke tries to rescue Obi-Wan

Vader crushes the hidden base on Endor

Friday 13 January 2017

Star Wars Rebellion- Imperial Navy

With this batch, I've completed the Imperial forces for Star Wars: Rebellion.
TIE fighters

Gozanti Cruisers

Star Destroyers

Super Star Destroyers

Death Stars!

The TIE fighters have got so many panels...

I calculated the Death Star as 1: 4 000 000 scale! You start with one, and can build a second- whilst under construction you mark its location with the 'under construction' version.

Next week: the Rebels.

Friday 6 January 2017

Star Wars Rebellion- Imperial ground forces

My first entry for the AHPC VII is part of the boardgame Star Wars: Rebellion. I'll finish it over the next few weeks, then I'll aim to get a game in! Boardgames with painted minis are that much better than unpainted... but it can be a slog.

Anyway, I started with the Empire's ground units. There are four AT-ATs, ten AT-STs, and thirty stormtroopers. Somewhat monochrome, but the walkers are quick to paint and getting the stormtroopers out of the way is a psychological hurdle.

I calculated the Stormtroopers at ~15mm, the AT-ATs at 1:700ish, and the AT-STs at 1:500ish.

More next time!