Friday, 13 January 2017

Star Wars Rebellion- Imperial Navy

With this batch, I've completed the Imperial forces for Star Wars: Rebellion.
TIE fighters

Gozanti Cruisers

Star Destroyers

Super Star Destroyers

Death Stars!

The TIE fighters have got so many panels...

I calculated the Death Star as 1: 4 000 000 scale! You start with one, and can build a second- whilst under construction you mark its location with the 'under construction' version.

Next week: the Rebels.


  1. They look great Barks - well done!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, Barks!
    I haven't yet purchased Rebellion (partially because I know I'll be immediately compelled to paint all the minis, just as you have). How have you enjoyed the game itself?

    1. It is... OK. It can drag a bit. Honestly, for an epic theme strategy game I'd recommend 'War of the Ring'.

  3. Far too enticing! Lovely work, sir.