Friday 27 May 2022

Five Parsecs. Campaign Game 11. Old friends

Gallius Marbec’s mysterious contact has another sabotage mission for the crew. Chugger and Konrad are still in the sick bay, so he has to go with a team of five. Gallius takes the meltabombs himself- slip quickly through the underhive, no one even needs know we were there…

The crew cover each other as they infiltrate the target

Gallius spies a familiar totem and realises who his opponents are

A gang of mine workers rush the crew

Julio takes down the front row

Roma charges the leader- but, impossibly quick, he takes her out!

Gallius takes down the leader himself and Julio mops up.

With the gang taken out, Gallius plants the meltabombs and the crew withdraw. Julio helps his lover Roma to the medicae. She will have to spend time in the sick bay, but should make a full recovery. Gallius doesn’t receive as many creds as he would have liked for this job, but he did get access to a small arsenal of weapons.

While Gallius and the crew were away, however, Konrad Rathgir has had plenty of time to think in the sick bay. He decides it is time to leave the crew and become his own master again. He slips away- will we see him again?

The Guiding Hands community group, meanwhile, is very upset and out for revenge…