Friday 27 February 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault- Imperial forces

Here's the baddest dude of them all, Darth Vader. I used some slightly too subtle blues and greys to highlight his cloak and armour, and gloss varnished the eyepieces. I worked on his lightsaber and the glow effect using what I had learnt from his 15mm version. I'm quite happy with the outcome.
Darth Vader

Showing a bit more of the lightsaber glow effect

"I shall call him... Mega-Me!"

"There can be only one!"
The Stormtroopers were a real slog, but worth it for these iconic minions. I was influenced by Sorastro's Stormtrooper painting guide video. I used a black wash over a white undercoat, then went back and picked out all the white bits again. I got this stage down to about 30-40 minutes per figure.

The E-Web Engineers (dreadful name) were painted the same as the Stormtroopers.
E-Web Engineers

The probe droids are cool. It is hard to tell if the 'real thing' are black, metal, dark grey or dark olive. I went for a dark olive, and used gloss varnish on the lenses.
Probe Droids

I like the officers' leather gloves and jackboots, and the rank badges are nice as well. I don't know Imperial badges of rank; any pointers here gratefully received!
Imperial Officers

The Royal Guard look awesome and implacable, but somehow seem a little improbable given that they're the Emperor's personal guard and I don't think they should be turning up all over the place. I used Army Painter Soft Tone wash over the AP Pure Red spray undercoat, then highlighted the cloak with Pure Red and the very edges of the helmet with a tanned skin colour. Gloss varnish to the visor.
Royal Guard

I don't like painting vehicles, but the AT-ST was easier than I had anticipated. Over a grey basecoat I washed it black then drybrushed it with lighter grey. I used a sponge for a chipping effect. I gave a dusty wash to the feet which came out OK. The head pivots and the chin guns can be elevated and depressed.

Next time: the Mercenary faction.

Friday 13 February 2015

'The Great War' crowdfunder; Peter Jackson's 54mm Perry WW1 project

I was very pleasantly surprised earlier this week to hear of The Great War crowdfunder, which has already reached its funding goal. This is a joint effort between Richard Borg (Commands and Colors series designer) and Will Townshend (Plastic Soldier Company). This is, in essence, a WW1 C&C game with plastic 15mm miniatures. That alone was good enough to get me on board.

(Prototype only- board will be laminated and not have a white border.)
Here's some of what I have gleaned about official plans and the future for the game:
  • Double sided laminated board, with grass on one side and mud/ shellscape on the other.
  • Future expansions to include sandy board for Palestine/ Gallipoli
  • Future 'factions': US, Turks, ANZAC, French, Russian, Italian, Austro-Hungarian
  • Early War at some point
  • Airplanes
  • Artillery
  • AFV expansions featuring tanks and armoured cars
  • 'Epic' double-board games

I'm behind this game. I'm a fan of the C&C games (see here for proof) and I have a few PSC products which have been great. 15mm is my favourite scale. The Kickstarter closes 09 Mar 2015- click here to have a look!

Whilst I'm doing a post about other people's stuff and WW1, I must mention 'Mustering the Troops'. Here's the breakdown:
  • 4000 54mm NZ and Turkish troops in an epic WW1 diorama
  • Supported by Peter Jackson
  • Sculpted by the Perry twins
  • All figures painted by Kiwi gamers
  • To be released on an unsuspecting public for Anzac Day, the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landings 25 April 2015
Painted by David Houston of Canterbury, NZ

I am completely on the wrong side of the ditch here, and wish my Kiwi colleagues the best of luck with their choice project, bro!