Friday 30 June 2023

40K Lamenters

Due to reasons, I've been sucked back into the 40K galaxy. I got some push-fit assault marines as a test. I carved off the Ultramarine sigil and- further demonstrating self-loathing tendencies- painted these up as Lamenters. These new-scale marines are huge but rather nice.

I used Ironjawz Yellow Contrast and then pin-washed the panel lines with Snakebite Leather Contrast. There's no edge-highlighting- while I love the effect, it is an absolute time-suck and I'm satisfied with the final appearance. I free-handed the chapter pauldrons. It's a pain and not something I want to spend more time on.

Lamenters are an interesting chapter, successors to the Blood Angels and troubled by the Black Rage. They are melancholic, high-functioning depressives. Similar to the Salamanders, they are protective of civilians and are not as dogmatic as their peers- their sigil is a bleeding heart! My favourite aspect of them is that they are cursed by bad luck. Everything they do goes badly and has negative consequences. They are experts at doomed last stands. Perfect for my dice.

Skull-o-meter™: 6

Friday 23 June 2023

King David: Egyptian chariot wars

Last month, Lims & I caught up with Captain Darling and Dave from the Old Gits in Adelaide. We played King David, a fast play ancients ruleset from Dadi&Piombo (with some minor house rules). The Captain has a large collection of 28mm Egyptians (Black Tree?), and we fought a civil war in the shadows of the pyramids between rival princes Khungfu and Snafu.

I understand the rules are a predecessor of Impetus. There are nineteen army lists from 1500-500BCE. Each turn you can activate D6 units, and each unit gets D6 action points to spend. There are modifiers for unit ratings and command radius. Combat results in either a pushback or complete unit loss- very fast and bloody! 50% casualties triggers the end.

Chariots under the pyramids

Prince Snafu- lovely paintjob!

Each side has a small supply of 'Propitiatory Acts' and sacrificial lambs, that can be spent to either reroll one of your dice or force your opponent to reroll theirs. The judicious spending of these is great fun!

The main attraction of the Egyptians are, of course, the chariots. They're barely-guided missiles; potentially hard hitting but difficult- indeed dangerous- to attempt to steer!

Chariots on the flanks

Fling them forward and see what happens!

No victory with rolls like that...

Prince Khungfu takes a corner too fast and comes undone...

Thanks again to Captain Darling for hosting us!