Friday 22 July 2022

Invertebrates of the Underhive

Individually pathetic, swarms of rockworms can be a significant threat. They can be found in the Underhive as well as the Ash Wastes. Underhive rumours persist of rockworms growing to prodigious size...

The lost male cries plaintively.

Should have left the door closed...

These are Rockworm Grubs from Imitation of Life. I'm trying out the new Army Painter Speedpaints range. These are mostly Slaughter Red and Pallid bone. Slaughter Red in particular dries nice and matte with good shading.

I originally had these on thicker GW style bases, but the aesthetic proportions weren't satisfying. Then I tried some multibasing, but still wasn't happy. The svelte Renedra bases were fine in the end.

This chap is delightful, and free:

I do like the idea of a big game hunting Rogue Trader retinue- a magos biologos, deathworld veterans, beast handlers, indigenous trackers etc. Pith helmets, xeno-elephant guns, grimdark David Attenborough/ Steve Irwin stuff.

Friday 15 July 2022

Arthropods of the Wasteland

I'm of the opinion that you can't have too many vermin for your games. Many years ago, I picked up these Reaper Bones scorpions:

My 3D printer has churned out a swarm of giant ants and a hive entrance (from Imitation of Life):

I'm conscious that all my stuff recently has been rusty browns, so I went for green. A pretty sloppy highlight to tone down the very saturated Army Painter Orc Flesh, and dot in the eyes and jaws.

When I was a vulnerable lad, the TV advert below was somewhat formative. I'm sure Aussie males of a certain age will agree!

Sic 'em, Rex!

Friday 1 July 2022

GF9 Badlands

Gale Force 9 does a lovely collection of Badlands hoodoos, which I have picked up over the years. It is pre-painted, scale agnostic, well sculpted, interesting, affordable, and durable.The more recent pieces I've picked up, however, have been a considerably darker tone. And some of them had a bit of a sheen, and the bases didn't really match my Cigar Box mat.

Bases don't blend with mat

Discrepancies in tone

So I pulled out the craft paints and big brushes:

Not perfect, but better than they were. I could add some tufts- maybe another day. Now you go do the hoodoo that you do so well!