Wednesday 25 April 2018

Anzac Day 2018- WW2 digger

This is one of my old OzMade 54mm figures I painted 15-20 years ago. He's carrying the Australian-designed 9mm Owen submachine-gun, and is kitted out for jungle warfare.

I added the helmet netting myself. I'm happy with the skin tones, but it could do with an overall wash to build depth and contrast, as well as better basing and foliage. (Not to mention fixing the chip on his collar...)

These evocative paintings by George Browning are of the 25th Infantry Brigade in the 1942 Kokoda Track campaign. I had the privilege of walking the Track in 2007- very hard to imagine doing it whilst being opposed.

That's me in the red.

Lest we forget.
All other pictures via the Australian War Memorial.

Friday 20 April 2018

Genestealer Cult: Hybrids with shotguns

I've felt the pull of nĂ¼-Necromunda, particularly with Genestealer Cult rules becoming official. I've had a box of lovely neophyte hybrids sitting around, and I made some up with shotguns. My distant Necro-memories are that shotguns have a variety of useful ammo types and were my gun of choice back in the day.

Neophyte hybrids

Love the goggles

The stick of dynamite is awesome

This visor has a great '80s vibe

For the All-Father!

Friday 13 April 2018

Warriors of Middle Earth

I acquired Warriors of Middle Earth, the most recent expansion for the excellent epic boardgame War of the Ring. These were a quick paint job that I'm happy with.

Dead Men of Dunharrow

Giant Eagles


Corsairs of Umbar

Giant Spiders


I've been neglecting the blog recently due to Life™ plus post-Painting Challenge slump. Coming soon- some crowd-pleasing favourites.