Friday 17 May 2024

More Red Corsairs recruits

I've repainted more of my pink marines to the livery of the Red Corsairs. I started with older sculpts (2008?) as a test, then moved on to the ones from Blackstone Fortress. I used Army Painter Speed Paint 2.0 Bright Red directly over the pink. I left all the trim black- phew- I can see why Chaos players complain about painting this. I gave them a more pallid skin.

Sorcerer lord in terminator armour

Chaos Lord

Friday 10 May 2024

Pinkstone no more

I had one of those moments where the painting muse took me, and I decided to repaint my Slaanesh-worshipping forces. The pink, while distinctive, never really satisfied me and it was a pain to paint. They had been known as Pinkstone Fortress- no more! They have been tempted by the offers of Huron Blackheart and his Red Corsairs...

I started with the Beastmen as a test- I simply painted over all the pink with red, painted the rags a dirty sand, and rusted everything up. It was pretty quick with a lot of the hard work done earlier.

I was pretty happy, and launched into the traitor guard, enforcer, and ogryn.
Traitor guard squad.
Traitor guard melee
Traitor guard lasguns
Traitor guard grenadiers
Traitor guard gunners with flamers
I converted the leaders to have different weapons.
Traitor guard chieftain with bolt pistol and chainsword
Traitor guard chieftain with plasma pistol and improvised blade.
I used some decals from Forgotten Chapters to finish off the enforcer.
Traitor enforcer.
I darkened the ogryn's claw.
Traitor ogryn.

Much happier with their new allegiance and appearance. I've still got a few more figures to go- not least the marines- and some new chaotic acquisitions.

Friday 3 May 2024

Terrorscapes horror game report

I had a game of Terrorscape recently, which hadn't been on my radar before. It is a boardgame leaning heavily into horror movie tropes. Up to three players are characters trapped in a mansion. Behind a screen, the other player is the killer, who doesn't know where the survivors are. The killer has to use logic and deduction to find, fix and finish their opponents- killing one survivor to win the game. The survivors can run, hide, and sometimes defend themselves. but cannot hurt the killer. They have to find five keys or fix the radio and wait for the police- all these actions make noise which attracts the killer, who gets stronger as the game progresses.

Our game was painted by my friend Lims, who took the killer's role. The Butcher has abilities to progressively lock down parts of the mansion. We found a few helpful items, not to mention a secret passage to the telephone room, and were saved by a cameo from Commissioner Gordon- not a moment too soon, as my character was about to be murderised!

I was concerned that the tension in a horror film comes from not knowing where the killer is, whereas in this game the killer's position is known. It was still tense, however, and I understand there are different types of villains that can be picked, as well as different locales.