Friday 24 June 2022

Pipework forest

I've been in a bit of a painting and blogging slump recently. I did some scenery as a quickie to get it off my pile:

I think they're a fun alternative to trees and shrubs. Maybe they're even fungi that have evolved to blend in with an industrial hellscape?

These are resin prints from Fantastic Plants And Rocks. I put them on some round MDF bases which adds a bit of height.

I'm trying to find a quick and reproducible recipe to match my Cigar Box mat. The basing doesn't quite work in the underhive- but maybe toward the sump bottom...

Friday 3 June 2022

Five Parsecs. Campaign Game 12. Cornered!

Gallius and the unwounded of his crew are heading back to the Innominate when the lumens overhead go out. Venda is untroubled by this underhive event, but Julio is suddenly alert.

“Get into cover! Lots of footsteps approaching!”

Under cover of darkness, their pursuers close the distance
terrifyingly fast. Range has no advantage here.

Julio rushes forwards and hurls his last frag grenade!

“You will pay for your insolence!”

The miners have some sort of mutant brute with them.
Venda sees something in the dark to her right…

“We’re being flanked!”

“None shall resist us!”

Lady Heldycryn defeats one attacker with her pistol.

But a second miner clubs her down!

Gallius barely fends off blows from the mutant!

He is able to break away in the dark, alone.

The vengeful miners pursue Gallius and his wounded back to the ship. Gallius prepares for a crash-jump off-planet- things are getting far too hot on Hydresar X. As he hurriedly performs the necessary launch rites, the Innominate’s chirugeon-servitor is hard at work saving multiple crew members. Heavy fire shreds the exterior as the Innominate staggers into space- can she withstand interplanetary travel?