Friday 27 August 2021

Stargrave bestiary 1

One of the attractive features of Stargrave is the possibility of creatures wandering into the area and attacking your crew. There is a list of many possible alien beasts to encounter. Here are my solutions to filling some of these roles, within a Rogue Trader-esque setting.


Pistol-armed low lives, these are Chaos Cult scum.


I'm really happy with these resin 3D prints. Ryankan are a sort of pterodactyl-bat creature. They're a bit of Star Wars mynock, a bit of Necromundan ripper jack. These are manta cave bats, a free 3D design from Mia Kay. The original sculpts have their tails on the bases, but mine have paperclip flight stands.


Stone Age peoples who have no ranged weapons; Hobbit goblintown denizens.

Bounty Hunter

I am kroot.


Chameleonic scavengers, these are Ur-Ghuls from Blackstone Fortress. I'd like to pick up a few more.

Warp Hound

Basically a dimension hound, these are hounds of Tindalos from Mansions of Madness. I would like to find something a little more warp-y.

Sewer Dragon

Old faithful, the ambull.

I think I'm reasonably close to the mark with these and I've got many more bestiary spots to fill!

Saturday 21 August 2021

Necromunda: Goliaths

Last year I was on a fantasy roll; this year the science fiction bug has bitten. I was quite looking forward to Stargrave, but have become distracted by the very nice new third edition of Five Parsecs from Home. Which is the roundabout way I got inspired to finally slapping paint on these Goliaths.

I picked up a few cheap preassembled gangs when Necromunda got re-released a few years ago. I didn’t really love them- I’m not a huge fan of the sculpted bases, and getting them second-hand meant I wasn’t as invested as if I had built them myself. And the weapon choices aren’t the ones I would have made. So I put off painting them, which is a shame as they are lovely sculpts.

The skin is just one pass of Contrast Guilliman Flesh, then white for teeth. That’s it! I used Vallejo spray white as undercoat.

I tried a new basing technique, but I haven't quite got the effect I was going for.

I don’t even know what some of these weapons are… but I really love the ridiculous oversized revolvers.

Here's a bonus; an old photo of my 1995 plastic Goliaths. I can't remember what happened to them.

Goliaths are a pretty one-note faction, but they make great antagonists. I haven't come up with a gang name yet; suggestions welcomed.

Skull-o-meter™: 18

Friday 6 August 2021

Nemesis: The Intruders

Here are my speed-painted Intruders for Nemesis. I undercoated them with Army Painter Gunmetal spray, then sloshed on GW Contrast Akhelian Green. I gave them a light metallic drybrush, and picked out the fleshy bits. I did add some UHU drool, but wasn't feeling it and decided not to add any blood effects.

I don't quite grok the implied lifecycle, but here are the gribblies:









The Intruders are ridiculously large