Friday 28 May 2021


I received the awkwardly named Aliens: Another glorious day in the corps boardgame earlier this year. I wasn't terribly impressed with Gale Force Nine's customer service, but at least I have my toys now. Here are the titular xenomorphs:

In space, no one can hear you in space.

The miniatures are nicely proportioned and detailed hard plastic, but have very little surface area or tabs for gluing, particularly tails-to-torsos and feet-to-bases. My overcomplicated solution to the tail situation was to drill out a 1mm wide cavity in the tail and torso, and to pin it with 1mm styrene rod. I used plastic cement. None of mine have snapped off.

I also used a heat gun to twist the tails into some exciting shapes- do this with caution, some of mine are a little melted!

Drill out the tail- easier than you would think

Glue in rod

Cut to length

Drill that xenobutt

Glue tail, then heatgun to form interesting shapes

Painting was similarly overcomplicated. I drybrushed them gunmetal over a black undercoat, picked out claws and teeth in silver,  then used a black wash followed by a blue wash. Finally a satin varnish and a touch of gloss to their foreheads. It is very hard to capture (and photograph!) the oily rubbery sheen.

I also picked up some expansion packs:

Free hugs!

I used some UHU adhesive for the mucus on the eggs and the queen's mouth- it was really easy and I think it brings these models up a notch.

The eggs don't have bases; I 3D printed some.

Friday 21 May 2021

The Jacobites are revolting- battle report

Through the power of the Blogosphere, I was able to catch up in person with Captain Darling of the Miniatures Emporium, and the Old Gits.

The Captain and I played our way through the first five scenarios in the Jacobite Rising rules using the venerable Commands & Colors engine. The highland charge is a powerful tactic, but its teeth can be pulled by inflicting casualties on the Scots before they get stuck in. We both quite enjoyed these 17th & 18th century battles with an emphasis on morale rather than absolute casualties.

We kept the theme with an evening in the Captain’s shed of battle playing a five-person game of Song of Drums and Shakos. Three of us were starving Jacobites on the run after Culloden, ambushing a Government supply wagon. I haven’t played a Ganesha game for a few years, and had forgotten how fun they can be. It wasn’t a perfectly balanced scenario, and the Jacobites pulled off a bloody win.

Government forces escort the cart

Jacobites spring out of the ground!

Flanking force from the other side

Look at that tartan!

My commander, McDreamy

Ferocious hand-to-hand fighting

The Government forces try desperately to repel the rebels

This officer held his own despite being grossly outnumbered

But the Scots prevailed!

It was great to meet Captain Darling and the Old Gits in person, and appreciated the hospitality!

Friday 14 May 2021

General de Brigade battle report in 18mm- lots of pictures

I was invited to play an introductory game of General de Brigade, using my opponent Gorillamo’s magnificent collection of 18mm Napoleonics from AB Figures. Each figure represents ~20 men, so a 36 figure unit is a 720 man battalion.

I was the French Divisional Commander, with a strong brigade of infantry defending a village from Prussian forces. I had a second brigade of light infantry coming from a random flank at a later point in the game.

Gorillamo had a brigade of militia leading his attack, followed by a second wave of regulars.

Defending brigade of four battalions and artillery;
flanking brigade of two battalions

Light infantry battalion

Line infantry battalion

Artillery (9 pounders, I think)

The village, facing the Prussian axis

Divisional and Brigade commanders confer

Defensive setup. Two battalions forward with skirmishers deployed,
another one in the village, and one in reserve with artillery on the ridge.

Prussian Landwehr militia

Prussians advance with three Landwehr columns abreast

Four regular battalions follow the militia

Artillery harasses the Landwehr

The Landwehr columns deploy into line
as my flanking force arrives to my left

The Prussian flank wheels to face the French light battalions

Musket fire is exchanged

The light battalions deploy in line to reduce cannon casualties

The lines meet in melée

The Landwehr are repulsed as the regular columns approach

The French lights reach the Prussian flank...

... and force them to recoil as the regulars approach the village.

Two Prussian columns strike the village!

The Prussian flank is in trouble!

Prussians take the village and force out the defenders

Game end- the village has fallen,
but there are two French light battalions in the Prussian rear

Effects with LensFX iOS app.