Friday 22 May 2015

Imperial Assault- Royal Guard Champion

So this guy is clearly Carnor Jax, whose ambitions and exploits post-Episode VI are laid out in Crimson Empire (1997). Here he is with Kir Kanos- I believe the young people call it tea-bagging.

Rumour has it that FFG was prevented by Lucasfilm/ Disney from calling him Carnor Jax, so they settled for the bland 'Royal Guard Champion' instead.

I used a red undercoat with a sepia wash, then dark grey with a black wash for the armour and dark blue/ grey with a black wash for the cloak. Whilst the iconic art above has the double vibroblade with a black haft, I went for gold as seen in other images.

That red bodysuit... it reminds me of Deadpool every time.

Sunday 3 May 2015

Imperial Assault- Rebel Troopers

I just received my first load of Imperial Assault expansion figures and wanted to get something up for Star Wars Day. The Rebel Troopers really grew on me as I was painting them, and I look forwards to getting more and putting them on the table.

I replaced the helmet antenna with an old brush bristle, and used gloss varnish on the visor. 

I mucked about with Comic Life 3 for a few minutes...