Friday 30 September 2022

Five Parsecs. Campaign game 13. Assassinate

The battered Innominate emerges from the warp and limps into the polluted home skies of Necromunda. The chirurgeon-servitor has managed to keep Gallius' wounded crew alive, but they are not able to go out in full strength. Gallius spends valuable credits to partially patch the ship, and looks for a job with his two able companions.

The Innominate's depleted crew

He finds one- an agitator has been stirring up trouble in the refineries. If he can be killed, there will be a good reward.

The agitator and his lackeys

The agitator is at the far end of the refinery hall.

There are glimpses of the enemy through the machinery.

They advance cautiously into the heat.

Shots are exchanged without effect.

More lackeys begin to swarm.
Lady Heldycryn's rifle jams and she pulls out her pistol.

Chugger shrugs off a grenade blast and Gallius
backs off with Lady Heldydryn.

They don't realise they've been outflanked!

Lady H takes him down with a risky charge.

Chugger blasts the minions and Gallius sees an opening-
the enemy agitator goes down!

The minions keep coming, and the trio head for the blast doors.

A lucky shot wounds Gallius! He is dragged to safety.

Gallius removes his cloak- miraculously, he is unharmed. The credits are a welcome relief, as is the reputation gained by eliminating the agitator. A potential recruit arrives, looking for employment- with several of the crew still recovering from the battering on Hydresar X, Gallius can't turn this down.

It's been a while since I blogged- I entered a bit of a hobby slump and loss of my painting mojo. It is many months since I last Five Parsec'd and I was a bit rusty. The adventures will continue!