Tuesday 22 November 2022

Eleventh bloggiversary

The ol' blog has whipped around the sun again and still putters on. It has been quite a year outside the hobby, and my loose goal of a weekly post has really slipped. The high point has been my plunge into the third edition of Five Parsecs from Home, a flexible solo sci-fi ruleset that really suited me. I've used it to make a narrative campaign with a Rogue Trader/ Necromunda setting, and have enjoyed finding heroes, baddies and scenery to game with. I've also enjoyed creating and telling the story as it unfolds. I want to play twenty games with a grand finale, then I'll sum up my thoughts and work out what I will do next.*

The heroes of my campaign

The infamous crème brûlée vat. SFX with LensFX app

I've been trying Citadel Contrast and Army Painter Speedpaints. I like them, but I spend a lot of time making them not look like Contrast, if you know what I mean. I'm currently using Vallejo matt white spray undercoat. I may dabble with the 'slapchop' technique, as zenithal rattlecans haven't been consistent.

Dernhelm Éowyn and Merry and Contrast horse

Contrast ruffians

My 3D printing continues in fits and starts. It has been a good companion to my Five Parsecs campaign. Some people get effortless resin prints; I seem to struggle. It is going to become a big part of the hobby in the future. I see Modiphius, Wargames Atlantic and Victoria Miniatures are all dabbling in digital offerings now as well.

3D printed cacti

3D printed squigs!

I'm really looking forward to Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge XIII next month. Hopefully I can use it to really eat into my lead mountain. There's a lot of Lord of the Rings stuff in there...

My AHPC XII journey

My AHPC XII output

I have been having difficulty commenting on other people's blogs. I can only do it from one computer running Chrome. Can't do it from other computers, phone, Safari etc. So I'm watching your blogs as a lurker more often now, sorry!

Firefly- yet to hit the tabletop!

As always, it is the community and the comments that make this even more enjoyable. Happy hobbying!

*Spoiler alert: I'm leaning heavily towards Necromunda Ash Wastes post-apocalypse survival!