Friday 29 September 2017


I played a refresher game of Battlefleet Gothic, using Gorillamo's lovely painted ships.We ran two cruisers at each other- I took Chaos against his Imperial fleet. I had squadrons of bombers as well, which made a big difference when his nova cannon failed to hit and he had no fighters. I crippled his ships in fairly short order- it's a fun little space naval game.

Chaos Cruisers

Imperial Cruisers

One Imperial cruiser is crippled as the other watches on

I'm sure there will be more BFG in the future as Gorillamo has many more painted ships.

I also got to try out the newest Commands & Colors game, Tricorne. This is set in the American Revolution, and is a nice balance between linear formations and woodland skirmishing. Morale plays a big role, and the positioning of your leaders is important. This is a 'core game', so I'm sure future expansions beckon with French, Indians, and eventually the Seven Years War.
Tricorne- my continentals face down the British and their German allies.

PS- I've thrown my hat in the ring for Zomtober- I'll be painting more figures from Last Night on Earth over the next few weeks.

Friday 22 September 2017

Deathwatch Overkill- finished

So, here they all are at last! Killteam Cassius with their 84 Skullz, looking forwards to negotiating a mutually beneficial solution with the xenos.
Deathwatch Killteam Cassius

Here's their chums, the peace loving Genestealer Cult- more pics via the link.

I've played a few games (as the Cult)- it's not the deepest game, but it is quick. Here are some pics:

In the spirit of the age, here are the participation awards:

Most Skullz (12) (also, best garter): Ultramarine

Best pose: Space Wolf

Best hair: Blood Angel (close competition for this award)

Most dakka: Imperial Fist

Best helmet: Raven Guard

Best chapter icon: Blood Raven

Best chin: Dark Angel

Best shopping lists: Chaplain

Best prostheses: Iron Hand

Best facial hair: White Scar

Most burn: Salamander

Honourable mentions to the Servo Skull and Teleport Homer.

Final thoughts:

The models are technically gorgeous, with crisp multipart sculpts and minimal mould lines cleverly hidden. I'm quite taken with the new 32mm bases. I refined my technique for painting black. I saw the benefits of drilling out muzzles.

But they are aesthetically frustrating, with the iconic black armour hidden behind a spectrum of bright colour splashes. I tried to minimise the colours with some success, but not a huge amount. I gave up and just went with it a bit more on the later paintjobs. There is so much extra detail on each one, the group literally took me months. And, well, they just emphasise the grimdaft silliness of the 41st millennium. These sucked up an awful lot of my hobby time this year.

Also, the character art for the board game is a bit crap. They look like pouty tossers.

Pouty tossers.

And that's it for the Deathwatch on this blog!

Deathwatch Overkill Battle Foam storage

Given the blood, sweat and tears I put into my Deathwatch and Genestealer Cult, I want them to be protected. I acquired a Battle Foam tray- here's what I think of it.
Catalogue picture from Battle Foam site

This product has two pre-cut foam trays for all the figures. There is a smaller, generic tray which has a thin foam lid for extra protection. There is a deeper, custom cut tray which takes the marines and larger figures.


The quality is excellent. The figures fit perfectly, apart from the biker (who I had deliberately angled on his base for an extra sense of motion, and a quick foam trim with scissors fixes that). The trays fit into the game box with all the components, and they feel sturdy and protected.

Trays fit neatly into box...

... and hold all the miniatures.

Could be better:

The trays fit into the game box, but this does not allow the lid to fit on snugly. It is a fairly shallow box, and I'm not sure there would be a straightforward fix.
There is no room for the dice- I've bagged them and put them in with the Patriarch.
I may trim part of the deep tray to allow the card decks to nestle on top, as they are an awkward fit otherwise.
The shallow tray is a few millimetres too short for the cultists with antennae.
Ideally for me, the two factions would have separate trays.
There's a height discrepancy...

...which is corrected by adding all the card components...

...resulting in a bit of an elevated lid.

Whilst not perfect, this product is a good storage and transport option, and the only specific one I'm aware of on the market. 4.5/ 5 Skullz.
The antennas are a little too tall for the box.

There will be a bonus post later today, with the anticipated completed Deathwatch group shot, some game photos, and final thoughts!

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Deathwatch Chaplain Cassius

This is my last Deathwatch figure! Chaplain Cassius is a pretty cool sculpt. There was much swearing when I dropped him and snapped off the iron halo.

I've just noticed I need to paint the vents on his backpack...

Now, the really 'last' figure is this Servo Skull. Name suggestions welcome!

Skullometer: 8 (+1 for the Servo Skull)
Grand total squad Skullz: 84

Deathwatch coming up:

  • Group shot and reflections
  • Storage case review

Friday 15 September 2017

Deathwatch Imperial Fist

I've always had a soft spot for the Imperial Fists ever since reading Ian Watson's Space Marine back in the '90s. Rodricus Grytt doesn't disappoint, with a sensible weapon for the target-rich environment of the grimdark- an automatic grenade launcher. I like the pale blue lanyard. I only wish that he (and his servo-skull) were facing in a firing direction.

Skullometer: 7
Total Squad Skullz: 75

One more to go!

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Deathwatch Ultramarine

This is Vael Donatus. He rates unexpectedly high on the Skullometer, due to the weights on his cingulum militare. These miniatures are the first where I've drilled out the muzzles (1mm drill) and now there's no going back, it looks so much better.

Skullometer: 12
Total Squad Skullz: 68

Friday 8 September 2017

Deathwatch Blood Raven Librarian

The end is in sight- I've really picked up steam with the Deathwatch, so expect a few frequent posts.

This is Blood Raven Librarian Jensus Natorian. I like painting psykers' eyes because I don't have to do the pupils! I did his sword with a green wash and then a coppery bronze for the swirls. I'm not sure about the banding on his loincloth- I did it red to better tie him in with the Blood Ravens, but I think it's a bit bright and maybe I should have gone a librarian blue.

Skullometer: 7
Total Squad Skullz: 56