Friday 23 July 2021

Nemesis: The Crew

Nemesis passed me by when it came out on Kickstarter in 2018. But I was drawn to the theme of Alien-style survival horror, and have picked the boardgame up subsequently. I have now painted the crew, but I haven’t grown to love them. The sculpts are a little busy and unclear. They take Contrast paint reasonably well but I found it hard to give each figure a focus. Each character has a distinctive colour in the game which I have tried to capture in their paint scheme. I don’t usually go for black base rims, but here I felt I had to (and I need to do a second coat, but I wanted to post pictures...)

The Scientist

The Soldier

The Engineer

The Scout

The Pilot

The Captain

The Crew

I played this virtually during lockdown last year- I died from a chestburster thing, and then the whole ship imploded killing everyone else. Good times!

Next time: the Intruders!