Friday, 23 July 2021

Nemesis: The Crew

Nemesis passed me by when it came out on Kickstarter in 2018. But I was drawn to the theme of Alien-style survival horror, and have picked the boardgame up subsequently. I have now painted the crew, but I haven’t grown to love them. The sculpts are a little busy and unclear. They take Contrast paint reasonably well but I found it hard to give each figure a focus. Each character has a distinctive colour in the game which I have tried to capture in their paint scheme. I don’t usually go for black base rims, but here I felt I had to (and I need to do a second coat, but I wanted to post pictures...)

The Scientist

The Soldier

The Engineer

The Scout

The Pilot

The Captain

The Crew

I played this virtually during lockdown last year- I died from a chestburster thing, and then the whole ship imploded killing everyone else. Good times!

Next time: the Intruders!


  1. Nothing says fun like having your chest implode!

  2. Funny tricks the eye plays, in the group shot all the figures look better, can't explain why.

    1. It's the "miniature cheerleader effect" :D

      Also who doesn't love a well-painted group of figures? And these are all done in a very cohesive style despite the different colors. They definitely look like game pieces in that regard, but they're still good paint jobs.

    2. Sidebar: because I'm a nerd, I looked up whether the "cheerleader effect" applies to things other than human faces. I found a single reference where the researchers found that pictures of houses presented with a group of other houses were perceived as more appealing than if they were presented in isolation.


      So there you go. This may be why our miniatures look better when you show them with the whole squad.

    3. I hadn't heard of the cheerleader effect; fascinating!

      My rushed photos don't help; I just can't be bothered to get the lighting right.

  3. I can see what you say about the sculpts, but I think there are interesting designs there. The way you used colours here is pretty clever, I like these :)

    1. Thanks, Suber. They look just fine in use.