Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

My sister is visiting from the UK, and we haven't seen each other in about three years. It's been great to catch up, and I got her and her fiancé playing a few boardgames. As usual, Pandemic was a great success.

The 6th APC has begun, and here's what is facing me currently... I'm appreciating the coloured primers from Army Painter.
All the best to you and yours!

Friday 18 December 2015

Imperial Assault- Imperial reinforcements!

I got some more figures to bolster my Imperials. Hum the Imperial March and look on!

Stormtrooper Captain Kayn Somos was the featured villain in my recent Twin Shadows campaign. I spent a bit of extra time making sure his armour was crisp. I like this figure.
Kayn Somos
The Heavy Weapons Stormtroopers were pretty impressive during the campaign, and I'm sure they'll be recruited for future missions.
Heavy Weapon Stormtrooper
I also got some alternative pose Stormtroopers to add a bit of variety.
Old on the left, new on the right
Finally, I finished General Weiss and his up-gunned AT-ST. I added the open hatch, and would love to add some sort of pintle-mounted heavy blaster at some stage.
General Weiss

General Weiss- simple open hatch conversion

I won't say I was an immediate fan of the aesthetics of this walker, but it has certainly grown on me. It took me a little while to recall what it reminded me of:

Friday 11 December 2015

Boba Fett! Where?

So much awesome. After his blink-and-you-miss-him appearance in my recent campaign report, here's some more pics of everyone's favourite Bounty Hunter.
Boba Fett

Shoulder and helmet markings

Before washing, highlighting, and weathering...

... and after.


Friday 4 December 2015

Steel Cup 2015

Steel Cup 2015! The Newcastle Legion organised a Blood Bowl tournament at short notice last weekend, and had ten coaches playing for the inaugural Steel Cup. (The format was three matches, 125kgp, resurrection, buy skills, one double).

I had to borrow a Chaos team, but was able to use my own Star Player (follow this link for more pictures of Lord Borak). My roster was Lord Borak, three Chaos Warriors (two Block, one Guard), seven Beastmen (one Sure Hands, one Block), two rerolls, FF1.

Game 1 was against Bonesplitter's Ard Boys, an Orc team. I received the ball, got a riot which stunned four or five of his players, and injured one of his Black Orcs on the first block! A great start, but after that the tourney went downhill! I couldn't punch through or punch out his orcs, and lost 1-0, suffering 3-0 casualties.
A Beastman breaks away, briefly, before getting sacked!
Scrimmage on the line!

Game 2 was against Georgiechristo's Orcs, Da Waaaghndaraz. I have met them before, at the 2014 Gosford Gauntlet. The greenskins got their revenge, taking me down 2-0 and smashing me 4-0 on casualties. I have to say, my heart wasn't really in this game. Georgiechristo is a gentleman opponent, and won the tourney overall.

A Beastman stumbles and drops the ball... Da Waaaghndaraz will capitalise on this error!

The third and final game was against the Reikland Fury, a Human team with the Mighty Zug. This was a match more to my liking than the armoured orcs, and I scored my only touchdown of the tourney. I still lost 2-1, and tied 1-1 casualties.
Borak vs Zug! The unstoppable vs the immovable!

So, 0-0-3 WDL for my borrowed Chaos team... I ended up coming last, but I won the $5 consolation prize/ encouragement award! I admit that Borak isn't the best value for a tourney, sucking up a quarter of my roster and not pulling his weight. But it was good to get him on the pitch.

I'm trying to get to CanCon next month, watch this space...