Friday 22 September 2023

Five Parsecs. Campaign Game 17. Ambushed!

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Gallius Marbec leads most of his crew through the underhive. Little do they realise they are being expertly stalked...

"Marbec is here. We must stop him. You two, with me."

"I've sent two troopers to flank and pin him."

Marbec and his crew continue, oblivious to the threat.

Marbec on the right, troopers to the top and left.

The flanking troops open fire.


"Roma!" cries Julio, as his lover goes down!

Marbec and Hezel take cover, while Julio and Chugger charge towards the enemy.

Chugger distracts the enemy with wildly inaccurate fire...

... allowing Julio to flank their position.

Well-drilled, the troopers return fire...

... allowing Chugger to get close!

Without missing a beat, the troopers charge the ogryn.
Who are these guys?

They fight hard- Chugger is lucky to take one down.

With a vicious countermove, the trooper takes Chugger out!

"Just where we want them- neutralise them!"

Hezel goes down to fire from behind!

Julio clears the way as Marbec and new guide
Stazie sprint to the nearest door. 

Marbec looks back only to see the mysterious hunter gun down Julio!

The underhive is getting too hot for Gallius Marbec. He's made a lot of enemies- including these well-equipped mysterious professionals. Chugger shrugs off his wounds, but Hezel ends up in sick bay. Roma wakes up there as well- only to find that Julio, her star cross'd lover, is dead.

Julio Rybeck- betrayed his gang for love
and dreamt of fame as a bounty hunter.
Bled out behind the pipes in Subsector 23-theta.


"Ma'am, Marbec got away but we hit his crew hard."

"Emperor damn you. We were just trying to talk and warn him..."

Friday 15 September 2023

Runebound expansion heroes

I'm trying to reduce my backlog... My previous Runebound figures are here. I've finally finished and photographed these figures:

Jonas the Kind



Red Scorpion

Nanok of the Blade


Friday 8 September 2023

Journeys in Middle-Earth: Spreading War

I've finally painted all the figures from the 'Spreading War' expansion for Journeys in Middle-Earth, including the 'Scourges of the Wastes' villains. I used a lot of Contrast, and some of the painting was a bit of a mental slog. There was an issue with the primer being patchily hydrophobic and I had difficulty getting even coats. I placed the larger figures on MDF bases. The heroes have already been seen here.


The otherwise nondescript 'Soldiers' received a thin coat of Vallejo sepia.


The Uruk-hai are nice beefy orcs. I didn't differentiate between all the details on their sculpts, its just browns.


I don't like the warg-riders all vaulting the same log, but it's not the end of the world. They're wielding slings, but two of them are broken and I'm not going to repair them.

Warg riders

I removed the flames from the top of the oliphaunt's howdah because they were starting to snap as well.


The flames on the siege towers, however, are quite durable.

Siege towers

I'm really happy with these beasts, the wings came out just right.

Fell beasts

I used some Vallejo Liquid Mask to cover the Witch King's flight stand before final matt varnishing. It hasn't quite all come off despite attacking it with a stiff brush and Blutac.

Witch King

I don't know anything about these two villains, as I have yet to encounter them in a campaign.

Lord Angon


Glad to have them done.

"What is this, a siege tower for hobbits?"