Friday, 27 January 2017

Battle at Balin's tomb

My gaming amigo Gorillamo casually mentioned he wanted to try Lord of the Rings. Before he could change his mind, I pulled out some old figures and scenery, refreshed myself on the rules basics, and set up the rulebook scenario: the Fellowship has to kill the cave troll, and the goblins have to take out Frodo.
The Fellowship brace themselves

Here they come!

Holding the door

Archers sneak in a back entrance

They have a cave troll!
Samwise gets shafted

Bring it down!
 It was fairly one-sided win for the Fellowship- saying that, Samwise did get taken out by a concerted volley. It was good to dust off an old favorite.

The figures are all the plastic ones from GW's 'Mines of Moria' starter set, which got me into the LotR game when it came out. The real hero here is the terrain- this is the Dwarf Kingdom from Ziterdes. I picked this up for a bargain at a convention many years ago, with the intent of tarting it up even more, but haven't got around to it yet! I think you'll agree it is stunning.


  1. Great to see these miniatures in action, love the tomb terrain too.

    1. Thanks, Michael, it was good to dust them off!

  2. Looks fantastic Barks!

    Greta to catch up with you again at canCon mate :-)

  3. Barks, I can't believe how cool your scenery/staging for this game look. Right out of the book! Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Matthew! I'm really happy with it.