Thursday 4 October 2012

QRF Deep Space Colonists

I'll just say that the quality of this old set is not up to more recent competitors' efforts.

I like the concept of the mother and baby, and the not-Ripley/ Newt is the reason I got this set. The baseball bat figures are going to be useful for civilians in a variety of games.

These figures make good zombies... In hindsight, I think that one of them has a chestburster in flagrante. The other one's right arm was just about falling off at the elbow, which is a bizarre moulding failure given the position.

The set also came with six facehuggers; I gave them a very pale green colour to make them stand out more from the sandy basing. I based them on 15mm washers (I usually use 20mm). Here they are with Khurasan Space Demons and an Exterminator.

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  1. I'll have to get them especially for the facehuggers!

  2. Sweet! Civilians make the outerrim go round and around!

  3. Thanks guys!

    I like to think of civilians as the grease in the fascist imperialist warmachine.

  4. Very nice painting. I agree with your comments about the detailing, but from a gaming point of view they're worth picking up just for the mother-and-baby and Rip-and-Newt combinations.

    1. And the facehuggers. I mean, you only need one of these sets, so I could put up with the quality. But even so, to have to relegate two figures as zombies because they're that poor...