Friday 19 April 2024

40K Lamenters Phobos Command

"Brother-Captain Dagnir, your mission was a complete success. Zero casualties. Your exfil transports are inbound."

"We found a lost toy! There may be a child in the city who needs us. We are not leaving until we save them."

Last transmission of Strike Force Dagnir 

I found a Phobos Captain and Lieutenant at a bring & buy in Brisbane last year. Demonstrating the slippery slope of gaming, I thought they would be fun to complement my Phobos Strike Team.

Captain in Phobos armour

I love this teddy bear on a skull from Imitation of Life. Captain Dagnir is clearly going to ignore all other considerations until one child is saved. I like to think of his long-suffering servo-skull rolling its eyes (if it had any).

Lieutenant Gorthol is also clad in Phobos light power armour.
Lieutenant in Phobos armour
I freehanded the chapter icon.

Skull-o-meter™: 20


  1. I LOVE the little bear. You made a great job. Congratulations.
    The servoskullšŸ™„. What a guy.

  2. Both of them are cool. The detail of the teddy bear is great, it adds a huge counterpoint. But it has to be painted like Lotso of Toy Story 3!! :D