Monday, 11 June 2012

See you, Jimmie

This blog isn't dead; it's in suspended animation while I'm in the northern hemisphere and away from my little men.

All is not lost, however: I'm based in Edinburgh, the first time I have been to Scotland. I've just finished Magnus Magnusson's history, which gives a great feel for the past 1500 years in this country.

I've been around Edinburgh Castle (highly recommend the regimental museums) and will be off to Holy Island, Bamburgh Castle and Hadrian's Wall next weekend. I made it to Bannockburn, but don't think I'll make it to Culloden.

I've found the local wargamers (great club location and, heaven, weekly meetings) and got justly thrashed at Saga (4-player Feast for Crows- memo to self, lurking in the table corner keeps you alive but won't win the game!). I trained my way over to Glasgow for Wappinshaw (Scots for 'weapon show') where I picked up a few second hand minis, including 80 figures labelled as '15mm FIW' for 8GBP. I then had to get 'Muskets and Tomahawks', even though I need a new period like I need a hole in the head...

Help from TMP led me to discover they are Irregular minis, and they appear to be more AWI than FIW, but I think a quick paint job will be satisfying. Maybe time to crack out the dip again?

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