Friday, 20 July 2012

Blood Bowl Lizardmen

My latest Blood Bowl team, which will get an outing this weekend if possible. Starting roster five saurus, 6 skinks, 3 rerolls, apothecary, 1 FF.

I've had the idea for the team for a few years, but did nothing about it until I got some cheap skinks at MOAB 2011. I rounded out with some Saurus from a bits-order via Ebay, and a Kroxigor from Mind Games in Melbourne. I did some terrible green-stuffing for straps (my greenstuff is old and almost unworkable, that's my excuse) to hold on the shoulder pads from Impact!, which are excellent for BB conversions. A simple and quick paint job, which I think is quite effective.

I'm thinking of calling them the 'Skink Bomb', but I'd be interested in your ideas. They'll have silly aztec-incan names (Poliputaketlon, Inyafaz, Chiqentika etc), and I'm looking for a jungle-lizard-dinosaur-latino name, preferably some kind of pun.


  1. Lizards are one of my favorite teams! The plastics make a nice looking team!

    For names, I tend to go with something within the same theme, something from Meso-American ancient civilizations, like Tarastec Terrors, or Toltectonic Drifters, skinks I usually name everyone with '-Itlan' at the end of their name- from an old episode of The Tick.

  2. Very nice Barks. Love the name as well.

  3. I wound up with 'Montezuma's Revenge'!