Sunday, 26 August 2012

Battle Cry Diary Day 4.5- finished!

I just ploughed ahead last night and got them done by 11pm, so I put on the matt varnish and went to bed. This morning I took some photos and played a solo game- great fun!
All the figures

I'm really please with them- I can't believe what a difference the matt varnish makes (Testors Dullcote).
Johnny Reb

If I was really keen, I'd trim down or touch up the edge of the flags where the stickers still show white. Also, I'd bend the flags a bit.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the utility of the dip for a project like this one. I got these on Wednesday night, prepped and primed them and did up a few test figures on Wed/ Thurs, then got into them on Fri and Sat and they were done by late Saturday. I've never painted so much so well so fast.
Union Artillery


Confederate Artillery


General Officers
Edit: and it goes nicely into the box as well:


  1. Very impressive
    I just got my copy 70% at a post-xmas sale and played Bull Run with the wife (kind of feel bad I beat her 6-1 playing as both the Greys and then the Blues) but when I take the game to my FLGS I hope to run into players who'll offer a greater challenge.
    Given how long it took you to do these, I think I'll copy your technique if you don't mind!
    Great work!

  2. Hi Barks, what method did you use for solo Battle Cry? I'm interested in doing the same but haven't settled on a method.


      I also recall reading one version where the opposing AI side gets two cards and plays both.

  3. Just found your blog and was looking around.

    I love how your figures turned out.