Monday, 26 November 2012

Defenders of The Shire

Here they are, after several years of languishing and a few weeks of painting: my hobbits. On the one hand, I really look forwards to having a game with these little chaps, but on the other hand, every death will be an epic tragedy...

Here's what I painted this month:

Everyone except Bullroarer
Bullroarer, Fatty Bolger, Bullroarer again, Farmer Maggot, Paladin Took


Archers and horn-blower


Here's my entire Shire Defender force with the eight archers I'd painted a few years ago, and Farmer Maggot's dogs. Not a 'legal' force if you're into that sort of thing. (Q: Why no Bullroarer? A: He's been dead 250 years!)

Farmer Maggot with Grip, Fang, and Wolf.
(Farmer Maggot drew the short straw when they were giving out twee hobbit names.)
"Don't trust black dogs with orange eyebrows"- Terry Pratchett.

And here's a special guest: Golfimbul meets Bandobras 'Bullroarer' Took and is about to be introduced to the civilised game of golf...

Well, thanks for following me on this month-long journey. I did enjoy painting this likeable and characterful force. I've needed your support and a deadline to get this project completed. Unfortunately, I didn't get any work done on my hobbit holes, and I really should prioritise them now.


  1. Brilliant looking force sir.

    May the hair on your toes never fall out

  2. Nice job on the hobbits and fun blog. Definitively adding to my roster of LOTR bloggers.

    feel free to check out our group's LOTR blog at

  3. as you know, I love them and it was a very good follower's month for me!
    Nice dogs that have Mr Maggot !!
    Bullroarer Took, the inventor of the golf.... yes, but unfortunately, he's forgotten in our times!
    it's sad...

    Defenders?? ok, but against who exactly ?

    Great work: many thanks!

    1. Thanks Sam- I'm sure there are some unscrupulous orcs somewhere who only want to destroy the Shire and everything it stands for...

    2. ORCS??????? I don't like them !!
      They will never destroy our lovely Shire, nobody can imagine how we, Hobbits, could be when our country need to be protected!

  4. Wow...wonderful exhibit of your painting prowess! BTW, where did find the 15mm dogs! I'd like a couple for my dog-pack. Thanks.

    1. These are the dogs that come with Farmer Maggot (28mm).

  5. That's an excellent looking force you have there. I hope they go forth and knee cap their enemies with true Hobbit ferocity!

  6. another comment:

    December will be my "own Hobbit Month" but before I would like to say that ... you're nominated for my "Liebster Blog Award":

    1. Thanks Sam; good luck with your Hobbit Month!

  7. Barks, I have a platoon of Gurkhas if your Hobbits need reinforcements! Just visiting to let you know that I too have nominated you a Liebster. Keep up the inspirational output. Yours aye, Rusty

  8. Wonderful figures! I really like your militias!

  9. Really beautiful work. Well done!!