Friday 18 January 2013

Larger than life Viking Warlord

I web-ordered this Reaper figure thinking he would make a fun tongue-in-cheek Viking warlord for 'Saga', with his utterly ahistorical gear and over-the-top pose.

He turned out to be a little larger than I was expecting! Still, I enjoyed painting him and will shamelessly use him whenever I can.

I don't have a name for him- I was thinking of Larger Than Leif.

He's on a 40mm base. The foliage is Army Painter Poison Ivy- a little adds a lot. AT some point I plan to re-do his shield so it is more bone-coloured and less yellow.


  1. I think he's totally badass. Nice job!

  2. ...or Lief the Larger! Fine job on this giant of a marauder!

  3. Someone's obviously been eating plenty of beef. Cracking paintjob I can see why you picked him up its a really nice pose

  4. The 40mm base is just perfect for him. Larger than Leif :)

  5. He is indeed the stuff legends are made of.
    Not OTT at all, just epic in his might!

  6. Thanks guys, it's going to be fun to see what adventures he gets up to!