Sunday, 28 April 2013

Viking Levy

Twelve vikings with bows/ one point for SAGA. Metal miniatures from Gripping Beast. This season's raiders are fashionably colour-coordinated with their brethren.

Now I'm just waiting to get my hands on the GB plastics to make up a few points of warriors, and my Vikings will be finished!


  1. Very nice figures and very good painting work!
    You don't add bow-strings ?

    1. No, I find them too fiddly and delicate, and distracting if they're a little off. Also, you don't really see them in 'real life'. The effort I put into them has to be worth what I get out of them.

      All of the above (except delicate) applies to eyes as well.

  2. A very good looking bunch to raid with your warlord.

  3. Nice looking bunch. Be good to see them feathering the enemy in a game.