Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blood Bowl Amazons

Pandora's Foxes
This is madness!


'Pandora's Foxes', my Blood Bowl Amazon team. These are from the Wargames Factory multipose plastic Amazon kit, which are cheap and easy 'conversions' because none of their hands are holding weapons. I used the different poses and helmets to represent different team positions. I went for a Frank Miller 300 vibe.


Blitzers (Champions of Air Guitar)



Team Coach

I used this really nice Eureka figure as my team coach, or potentially as a star player.

This is a really quick and cheap team to assemble. If I had to do these again, I'd go for all the Blitzers having the menacing full-face helmets. I'd keep the kneeling poses, despite their looking like air guitar players. I'd spend more time trying to get smoother tones. If I ever come across this Gorgon Studios figure, it will become a team wizard or coaching staff member:

Oracle of Delphi (Gorgon Studios)


  1. Wonderful, I love it! I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe one thing. I remember the Spartans scandalized other Greeks when their young unmarried women preformed nude at athletic events. So you could go that rout! ;-)

    I have to find someone locally who plays this. Any game this cool is worth a spin!

    1. This game's got such a strong following, it's really fun.

  2. Good looking team. Love to see them in action.

  3. Pandora's Foxes!!!.....gawd you're still coming up with these puns. I thought The Bad Habits were bad enough.

    Really clever use of WGF stuff though. Would never think to do something like that with them.

    1. I do enjoy a good pun. The Bad Habits deserve an outing on the blog, come to think of it...

      I won't claim they're the best conversions, nor can I say that it was a great leap of imagination to use 'Zons as 'Zons. Still, fun.