Thursday, 12 September 2013

Zulu! Natal Native Horse and Artillery

Natal Native Horse

HäT Natal Native Horse. More accurately the Natal Native Mounted Contingent (NNMC). I only needed three of these for Bayernkini’s Isandlwana scenario. I may do the rest, including dismounts, later. I quite like these guys, they really look like frontier scout militia. They're not quite as 'yellow' as the picture makes them appear. The horses' basecoats came out patchier than I intended, and I fixed that up for Colonel Durnford.

NNH. Some were part of a unit known as Zikhali's (or Sikhali's) Horse.
Before sepia wash.
NNH in Zulu Dawn.


This is a 9 pounder RML (Rifled Muzzle Loading) gun, also from HäT. Again, I only need three figures. I mounted the gun on a piece of plasticard, because I didn't have any spare 30mm washers. The actual cannons at Isandlwana (there were only two) were the less impressive 7 prs.

N Battery, 5th Brigade
Before sepia wash
9 pr in Zulu Dawn
7 pr
Next time: Isandlwana!


  1. These look great. What size washer are you using on the horse? it also looks like you are clipping away some of their integral base. I have been using mostly 20mm (3/4") washers for everything and using two for cavalry with varying degrees of success. I just found a supply of galvanized roofing tin which I'm hoping to us to base up chariots. I'll let you know how that goes. Great work on this project.

    1. Thanks, Sean. My cav washers are 25mm, and I think I did clip a few corners to make the horses fit. I would have put the gun on a 30mm washer, but didn't have one to hand. My infantry are on 20mm washers.

  2. I have been collecting this HaT colonial range. My Natal horse have turned up in the Sudan. :)

    1. I've really had to restrain myself from the Sudan...